There are only two ways into the Arsenal: From Military East, and the bay side on Bayshore or Park Rd.  The Benicia Arsenal is easily divided into two sections: Upper and Lower.

The “Upper Arsenal” are the streets above the Grant Street Overpass (driving down Polk). Includes Grant, Polk, Hayes, Jefferson, Washington, Madison, and Adams Street

The “Lower Arsenal” are the streets below the Grant Street Overpass on Polk. Includes Jackson, Lincoln, and Tyler Street.

The “Outer Arsenal” would be Park, Oak, Camel, and Bayshore Road.

The Arsenal itself starts at the end of Military East, and goes out Park Rd and connects to Oak Rd, Bayshore Rd, and connects back to Adams Street. Also known as “The Arsenal Loop”

The Benicia Bridge has pedestrian/bike access off of Park Rd.

Benicia Arsenal District